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My name is Lynn Agnew - a qualified and accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I’ve been working at my practice in South Dublin, Ireland for over a decade. I’m also a Mum! and having raised three children, my experience as a parent has played a huge part in the development of my counselling approach when working with young people and in parenting & family therapy.

The TalkHere Wellbeing Kit For Kids is a simple-to-follow program of evidence-based, growth-focused, confidence-building, interactive Printable & Audio download resources, for children aged 5 to 12.

Designed to help children grow in confidence, build self-esteem, to communicate and express themselves more effectively, to be able to better understand their own feelings and emotions, and to empower children to think for themselves!

With so many voices, noise and influences coming at them from every angle in our modern ultra-connected digital & online world, it’s important that we encourage our kids to have confidence in themselves... to be able to Hear and Listen to their own Inner-Voice, and most importantly…

- to Trust and Value themselves.

I created the Wellbeing Kit For Kids so I could share what I believe to be a genuinely impacting resource for parents and professionals, enabling us to engage with our children in a fun and positive way, that will help us to raise strong, happy confident kids, both now and for their future.

It's so important that children are encouraged to appreciate and focus on the good and positive things in their lives, because growing up should be fun! And that we, as the “grown-ups” can inspire and empower them to feel excited and positive about their future. And to always remind them that… they are going to be ok… and, there is much more good than bad in our world!

When developing the Wellbeing Kit, I teamed up with Irish Illustrator & Artist, Heather McKay (@Head In The Clouds), and Sound Designer & Music Producer, Jon Ware (@1-Louder), and with additional Voice Content provided by my lovely niece, Sarah. They’ve helped me to add a whole new dimension to my original concept and designs!

I hope you enjoy using the Wellbeing Kit!

If you have any comments or feedback I’d love to hear from you…

Thanks! Lynn x

Lynn Agnew
Counsellor & Psychotherapist
& Founder of TalkHere


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