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Review of the Wellbeing Kit for Kids by TalkHere

As a psychotherapist, Positive Health Coach, and author, I recently purchased TalkHere's new Professional Wellbeing Kit for Kids and was very impressed. The kit's design is unique; it comes with interactive games, beautifully illustrated worksheets that teach mindfulness techniques and coping strategies, and music created specifically for this project. I love its multi-sensory aspect!

I wholeheartedly recommend The Wellbeing Kit for Kids; it’s a valuable resource for therapists, educators, parents, and even grandparents!

Siobhan Murray
Counsellor & Psychotherapist AMBACP, Prof. Dip Positive Health

Fabulous kit

Brilliant tool kit for helping children of all ages to develop the necessary tools to navigate today’s world. A fun family activity for all thats been thoughtfully curated. I’d highly recommend.

Just a Wonderful Project!

As a Grandparent, I think this My talkhere pack is a wonderful opportunity to connect with our children at their own level and in a really positive, fun and meaningful way. These individual worksheets and exercises are so thoughtful, heartfelt, simple to follow, but so smart in the way they are presented and structured. My grandchildren find these worksheets captivating and exciting, and we use them together regularly. The talk tokens are amazing! such a simple idea but so clever. The difference they have made in how me and my grandchildren have a conversation and how the children think about how they want to communicate with an adult has been truly remarkable. Also the children get so excited when working with the audio worksheets in particular! Their sense of achievement when recognising what they can hear, what the musical instruments are, or recognising the places they are hearing, or discovering and learning what the new instruments are called, what they look like, and the places they come from, it's just an absolute delight to witness. And I love how these worksheets are so repeatable, each time they listen, or use another worksheet or start another project or activity we find something new, or different, another way to think about things, and they (and I) learn or remember or discover something new every time! Such a great pack, so simple to follow, but so impacting and positive. and just can't recommend it enough. My congrats to the my talk here team. Just wish this had been available when my own kids were younger! Very Highly Recommended.

Highly Recommended!

Fantastic resource for parents and grandparents and families. Beautiful quality PDFs. Illustrations are just Fab!

The 'Wellbeing Kit for Kids' is Fantastic!

The Wellbeing Kit for Kids has been a hit with my 9-year-old daughter. It's been amazing to see her express herself and find words for feelings she struggled with before. She particularly enjoyed the 'Tick It!' outdoor game among all the fun activity sheets. As her dad, it's been great to bond with her in such a positive way and see her realize her strength and worth. I highly recommend it. Thank you!

This is a wonderful resource for all parents, children and their carers. It’s so well-conceived with great care, and executed perfectly with thoughtful attention to detail - from the worksheets and the audio, to the uplifting playful illustrations and the easy to understand layout. These tools for bringing mindfulness to kids are all you will need, deceptively simple and beautiful. From the sensory exercises, through the breathing ones, to the inspired and inspiring instrumental sound recordings the little ones can learn imaginatively and in a fun way the art and value of introspection, observational skills and grounding. In other words to learn safely the joy, and consolation available to them, when they can fully access their own senses.

Very inspiring!

Great concept, well executed, inspired & indeed inspiring! I think it’s more relevant now than ever that kids learn the benefits of mindfullness and good & conscious living.

Great for kids and adults

Great idea. Really good Worksheets, Exercises, Games, and Audio. Very useful and helpful, very creative and clever.

Wellbeing Kit For Kids

There are a number of similar style products on the market however its rare you come across one such as this.
In my work as a lecturer, psychotherapist and Clinical supervisor I am constantly been asked for age appropriate, relatable and reliable intervention material for younger children. The Wellbeing Kit for Kids will be my own go to resource but it's one I will recommend to students and other psychotherapists, without hesitation. Well done to the design team. Kind regards,

John Hickey. (MAPCP); M.Sc in Clinical Supervision; Grad Dip Counselling and Guidance; B.Sc (Hons) Psych. Dip Addiction Studies

Absolutely brilliant 🤩

Absolutely Amazing

Thrilled with my recent purchase!!
A wonderful interactive and engaging printable Wellbeing Kit for Kids with so many fun activities inside, including nice and clear audio tracks to go along with it! It is a great way to make use of all your senses and become more grounded and present in the moment, with easy to understand explanations and beautiful graphics. A huge congratulations to the Talk Here Team on producing such a creative piece of work.
I simply cannot recommend this Wellbeing Kit enough and will be sure to tell all my friends !

Absolutely Brilliant

The kit for kids

Delighted with my purchase. It is beautiful presentsd really informative and a wonderful tool to help the kids. I have highly recommended it to all my pals. well done to all who produced this great kit. regards Catriona

An absolutely wonderful website for helping children get in touch with their feelings, I LOVED this Wellbeing Kit for Kids, so creative and with the most brilliant illustrations and music. Cannot recommend it enough.

Great Title Well being kit for kids

I really enjoyed this well being kit for kids and think it is a great resource for parents grandparents and carers. Such wonderful ideas throughout. I especially loved listening to the audio nature sounds and different Musical instruments along with what’s out of place were my favourite of the interactive audio feature x it gives a calm space to just listen and gives space for children and adults in this overwhelmingly busy world!
I adore the mindfulness mytime the calming and grounding and anxiety tool tip sections as I can see the benefits in using these tools in every day life. Congratulations on this incredible piece of work!

Love the title.

This is a really thoughtful program, a brilliant way of interacting ,which in this day and age I believe is being lost. It’s not just beneficial for young kids but also for the adults taking part. The illustrations are beautiful , the sounds adding further interaction when looking through the work sheets. I love the care cards and “ask me”. It’s a fun way to get talking with the “my talk tokens”. These work sheets are easily explained, fun to do, no matter what age you are. I would highly recommend this program to parents, teachers or anyone else supporting the wellbeing of young people.